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Jessica and Carl's Wedding at the Plaza Hotel, NYC
Jessica and Carl's Wedding at the Plaza Hotel, NYC
Acrylic on Canvas
24" X 36"

This December wedding at the Plaza's main ballroom featured winter-themed centerpieces (white branches with danging ornaments and candles, white rose bouquets) offset by a warm lighting scheme. This painting was a gift from the bride to her parents, and she wanted it to achieve a crowded feel with the bride and groom included on the dance floor but not as much of a focal point. As requested, I also included the bride and groom's parents, and the bride's sister and brother.

I arrived about 2.5 hours before the reception to paint the background, and the painting was completed over the course of the evening, ready to give the bride's family to take home with them at the end of their stay at the hotel that weekend.

"Thank you for a wonderful and memorable experience. The painting captures not only the elegance and beauty of our wedding, but more importantly the love shared by family and friends and the fabulous time had by all. My parents absolutely loved this gift as a special way to remember a perfect evening!" - Jessica, bride