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Marisa and Paul's anniversary painting
Marisa and Paul's anniversary painting
Acrylic on Canvas
12" X 16"

See the blog entry on this painting in Mari and Paul's Partners for Peace blog!

This painting was a surprise one-year anniversary gift for my two good friends, who tied the knot in a small July 2010 ceremony at Martha's Vineyard. This incredible couple is joining the Peace Corps together in January 2012. Before taking off for Ecuador, they shared some amazing cross-country travels in their VW camper van, christened "Charlie." In this painting, I sought to capture Mari and Paul's journey together, from their wedding (captured in paintings in the two rearview mirrors, based on their artful wedding photos) to leaving their home in Brooklyn, NY to travel in Charlie, and looking forward to their Peace Corps future. Since this creative couple appreciates detail, I included key symbols of their life together, such as their pet turtle Tripod, the homemade curtains they made for Charlie, and a handmade button from their wedding reception hanging in the front window.