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FIGMENT Groundbreaking Fundraiser ("The Factory") SoHo, NYC
FIGMENT Groundbreaking Fundraiser ("The Factory") SoHo, NYC
Acrylic on Canvas
24" X 36"

I donated this live event painting to the "Groundbreaking" fundraising benefit for FIGMENT, an annual interactive arts festival held on Governors Island, NYC and rapidly spreading to other cities across the US. FIGMENT's name is derived from a famous quote by Andy Warhol, and this year FIGMENT decided to throw a Warhol-themed party appropriately titled "The Factory" in a 1970s-era SoHo loft. I arrived about two hours before the event start time to set up and start painting the background. By the end of the event, I had the painting finished to auction off to the highest bidder in a special live auction, with me as the featured entertainer.

In my painting, I aimed to capture the quirky Andy-inspired outfits and decorations, the industrial/urban feel of the space, and other key details like the streaming FIGMENT video that played as a huge projection throughout the night. I was also able to include key FIGMENT volunteers and their guests, who loved seeing themselves appear in the painting throughout the evening.

"It is such an honor to be captured in this beautiful painting at this amazing event. Thank you for the gift of your art." - Carin, FIGMENT volunteer

"What a treasure of a memento. I love it!" - Carol, FIGMENT volunteer

"Wasn't that a great party?!? And to see the canvas transform over the course of the night was a real treat." - Paul, FIGMENT volunteer