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Sandra and Roy's Wedding at the Rockleigh, NJ
Sandra and Roy's Wedding at the Rockleigh, NJ
Acrylic on Canvas
22" X 28"

The bride requested that I specifically capture the couple's first dance, with key family members surrounding the dance floor. At their request I also made sure to include the signature chandeliers and circular marble dance floor of the Rockleigh ballroom, and other architectural details like the curtains, centerpieces, and changing colored lights. The multi-tiered wedding cake also peeks out from the right side of the painting.

This painting was complete and ready to take home at the end of the event.

"You have been the talk of the town! Our family and friends are still raving about our beautiful painting! You were such a pleasure to work and we are so lucky to have met such a talented individual. We are grateful to have this stunning and everlasting memory of our wedding day to display in our home. You truly captured the magic of our special evening and we cannot thank you enough!
- Sandra & Roy Gotiangco (Bride & Groom)