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Wedding Reception at the Tribeca Rooftop, NYC
Wedding Reception at the Tribeca Rooftop, NYC
Acrylic on Canvas
24" X 36"

At this NYC-themed September wedding at the Tribeca Rooftop, an industrial loft overlooking the Hudson River as well as midtown Manhattan, I was commissioned to paint as a gift to the bride and groom from the bride's parents. As requested, I captured the lively dance party in full swing with the bride and groom dancing as the central focus, and the maid of honor, best man, parents of the bride and groom, and bride's grandmother interspersed throughout the painting. I also made sure to include the band, prominently displayed wedding cake, beautiful flower arrangements, and the spectacular views from the windows, including a peek of a Valentine's Day-style red-lit Empire State Building.

"We love the painting! You really captured the energy of the event." - Linda, mother of the bride