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40th Anniversary Benefit at the Waldorf School of Baltimore
Acrylic on Canvas
24" X 36"

Photo of painting by J. Brough Schamp

I was commissioned by Boutique Events to paint at this 40th Anniversary benefit event at the Waldorf School of Baltimore on October 6, 2012. In addition to the honorees, event chairs, donors, and school staff members scattered throughout the painting, I took care to include details of this event's playful, bright decor: the multi-colored tablecloths with a variety of creative centerpieces; the changing colored lighting illuminating the outdoor tent; and the two flat screens that featured different scenes and people significant to the school's history. The two screens in the painting depict different shots of the school children's choir that performed at the beginning of the event.

I arrived early to paint the background, and added the portraits of the event VIPs throughout the evening. I completed the final details in my hotel room in order to deliver the completed painting the following morning. The final painting will hang at the school, and full-sized printed reproductions on canvas will be given to key donors.

"You did an amazing job of capturing the evening in one painting; personally I am in love with it. Your painting has been well received by all whom have had the privilege of seeing it so far." - Jean Wade Meyer, Co-Founder, Boutique Events