Katherine Gressel
Kristin and Joe's wedding at the Curtis Center, Philadelphia, PA
Acrylic on Canvas
30" X 40"
At this November wedding at Philadelphia's beautiful Curtis Center atrium, the bride and groom requested that I capture their first dance with guests watching surrounding the dance floor. I made sure to include both sets of parents (left and right), and the splendidly ornamented cake and bridesmaid dresses offset by the simple orchid sprigs from one of the centerpieces. A unique touch in this wedding was the shower of petals on the bride and groom when they first entered the dance floor--depicted in the painting as well.

One my favorite parts of painting at this event was the level of interactivity of the guests--especially the groom's two young nephews who intently watched me paint during the entire second half of the reception. I simply had to include the two of them in the background, along with the two junior members of the wedding party, seen on the dance floor. I arrived about 5 hours early and finished the painting by the end of the evening, with only a few minor touch-ups before delivery the following morning.

"Katherine you are so very talented! Thank you for being there for our special day!" - Kristin, bride