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I am interested in spaces and the tensions between different types of spaces—public and private, urban and suburban, dynamic and static, distant and close. Through my paintings, I aim to capture the experience of traveling or looking through spaces. Through my collaborative/public art projects, I aim to transform actual physical spaces, and create new spaces for social interaction through art.

My paintings of scenes from moving vehicles address how the experience of travel influences people’s interactions with the contemporary American landscape. I aim to show the tension between the safe, stable inside of a vehicle and the fluctuating, transient, and sometimes unrecognizable landscapes seen over the course of one ride. I allude to specific phenomena such as suburban sprawl, neighborhood stratification, the homogenization of a landscape shaped by car culture, and how windows can act as shields from the diverse environments passed in transit. To both augment and deconstruct the travel experience, I juxtapose and skew traditional viewpoints, in some cases to the point of abstraction.