Katherine Gressel
"Change is thinking outside the box when you are inside of it." "It is never too late to do what you wanted to do from the beginning”"I believe life is like a diary waiting for things to happen and waiting to be written on”"The truth is life is like a coin, you can spend it however you want but you only get to spend it once”"I am from a dangerous city where people push the limits and chaos is erupted." "Where I’m from you hear bachata, salsa and merengue  that fill your soul!” "Red, you are a brick building in the middle of Brooklyn where we learn."
Community-Word Project Youth Murals
Community-Word Project is an artist residency program that trains artists to work in public school classrooms creating collaborative artworks with students of all ages. Writers teach creative writing for the entire school year and create class community-poems. At the end of the year, visual artists work for two months with each class to illustrate one line of the class’s community-poem as a collaborative mural on an 4’ X 6’ cloth banner. The class works together to brainstorm ideas, create the mural composition and color scheme, and paint the mural. 80-90% of the work on these murals is done completely by the students, especially in the older grades. Two of the murals shown here, created with 7th graders at M.S. 279 in the Bronx, have been cited by the organization as examples of "successful murals" and used in Community-Word's promotional and training materials.