Student Work > Celebrating Diversity

In collaboration with co-artist Brian Saechao and 3rd-5th graders in the Learning for Life after-school program, 2005

Laurel Elementary School, 3750 Brown Ave, Oakland, CA, cafeteria
Acrylic, Oil Pastel and Mixed Collage Media on Canvas, Approx. 4’ high X 12’ long, in 2 separate pieces

This mural celebrates the importance of diversity at Laurel Elementary School. The idea for the mural was conceived by Program Director Julie McDonald as part of a 12-week curriculum for the Learning for Life Arts Enrichment program, an after-school program that emphasizes character-building and service learning through art. My co-teacher Brian Saechao and I led 12 3rd-5th graders in discussing the importance of diversity and exploring their physical, cultural, and personality traits. The students first sketched self-portraits with symbols of these traits. Each student was then given his/her own square for a self-portrait on the banner paper. Brian Saechao and I tied the banners together and unified them with a black border. The murals were then hung on two sides of a basketball hoop in the Laurel cafeteria.