Student Work > Brooklyn Museum PS 321 Collaboration

Cityscape and Landscape paintings by 2nd grade students at P.S. 321, Park Slope, Brooklyn
Acrylic on Paper, each 18" X 24"
Brooklyn Museum, Spring 2004

As a component of my internship as a museum educator for the Brooklyn Museum, I collaborated with second grade teachers at P.S. 321 in a 3-part, in-depth partnership where museum educators teach classroom pre-visits followed by museum visits that include both a tour and a studio art component. The goal was to use works in the museum's collection to both educate students about the theme of cityscapes and landscapes, and reinforce methods of teaching reading and writing employed by classroom teachers.

To prepare students to make their own cityscape and landscape paintings, we toured the museum's galleries, did drawing and color-mixing exercises, and discussed point of view and perspective in cityscapes; and mood, color, and brushstroke in landscapes. Students were challenged to both portray specific places in their own paintings, and make deliberate choices about point of view and mood.